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It's been a while....

...and nothing has really changed.

The house is a bit more decorated, but we are still on the first room (since November when we moved in). I think now a few things are out of the way the momentum for this may increase, many as I want a pool table.

Job-wise I have moved from Aon through IT Net and am now writing portal stuff for a land management sort of company. Tech all the same, money slightly less, but at least I have a job and am paying the bills.

Otherwise, I am getting back into Scuba, visiting Lisbon (for the penguins) and waiting for my next Snowboarding holiday in January. January just seems far too long a time before I can be playing in the snow again.

That's about it I think, 6 months or so on and all the same. Maybe I should be depressed about that, and I would be if I was not enjoying it so much.

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